(Creative Sources)

The almost absurd expansibility of Ute Wassermann’s voice is a rehabilitating process for the ears; this duo with trumpeter Birgit Ulher is a major statement in the artistic curricula of both. Apparently flippant, rarely querulous, Ute works the hidden corners of guttural domestication, nattering with steady intelligence and technical committment to create a hybrid instrument that mocks electronic oscillations and intramural arguments, all the while keeping a firm grip over a perfect coordination of oddity and hermetism. This impression is reinforced by a splendid performance by Birgit, who paces the distance between the timbres with a sapient command of the trumpet’s short-tempered outbursts, carefully alternating sweet spots and rancid spurious vibrations to find the correct decoding message needed to countermeasure Wassermann’s speculations. This is an astounding release, a special treatment for improvisation lovers, a fresh hallucination revealing itself as truth.