TILT – Tilt


Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (live electronics) and Tomaz Grom (double bass) were captured live in two different exhibitions (Alicante and Ljubljana) in 2004. It’s hard to classify what these gentlemen do, as their music runs the whole course linking EAI (with a tad of low-budget attitude) and very lively electronica spiced with an advanced sense of humour that – to quote a recent delusion – was one of the missing ingredients in Adam Linson’s CD on Psi, which more or less features the same instrumentation. Tilt work according to a system of cellular reproduction with spastic expansions and contraptions; they start with a few background noises hinting to potential damage, the creature gaining confidence and strength through well placed thuds, strokes and rasps by Grom’s bass clawed by Sambolec’s whirlwind electronics, mostly based on pitch-shifting and digital-delaying appliances that morph the deep growl of the wooden instrument into deranged chipmunks trying to pickpocket your wallet. The manipulation remains more or less constant, and rarely the sounds are allowed to stabilize a “personality”. We encounter visions made of scattered dynamics and rapidly unfolding complexities that, accepted by the mind, suddenly disappear to leave the scene full of holes and gaps, barely filled by unpromising evaporations and creaking mirages. The record is definitely entertaining, not exceptionally deep but, in its own way, it manages to invade those few pleasure cavities where more “serious” efforts miserably fail.


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