Many years have passed since my first meeting with the (still wonderful) Mom’s, a record that helped to open already attentive ears to a new world of fascinating sonic colours. Having added several recordings to my collection after that, the initial minutes of the title track in this CD allowed me to detect the same “Carl Stone aura”, masked with a just-apparent minimalism. Stone’s G3 Powerbook is the anima mundi of three pieces. “Nak Won”, 24 minutes of a restricted group of tones pronounced by the machine just as the same single word uttered by a million citizens of various races and languages. At the end, a huge cloud of singular timbres generates  a swarming feel which is still hovering when everything has become silent. Then one can fully appreciate the shorter “Kreutz”: a much softer, lyrical piece still transcending the very limits of deep listening. The final “Darul Kabap” is genuine real-time computerized improvisation: it combines voices, samples and electronics to give a backbone to the rhythm of global heartbeat, lots of strange idioms and ideas masterfully fused by Stone for the joy of the inner ear.


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