Montgomery’s work could be renamed “manipulation of everyday’s noise” but this would not make justice of his nicely crafted artifacts. Ken is a well known sound artist, his main feature being the systematic use of common materials and environmental manifestations which, properly treated and amplified, force us – the listeners – to give new value to something we’re grown accustomed to listen to carelessly for every day of our existence. Refrigerators becoming a heartbeat, metallic beatings mixing with outside tower bells (it really happened in this room during the playback), amplified bath drain gurgling us to oblivion. Even in the shorter fragments, there’s life in Montgomery’s flashes. Still, from a merely compositional point of view, the best tracks according to this writer are the suites “Father Demo Swears” and “Droneskipclickloop”: even if clocking at 31:27 and 52:02 minutes respectively – the latter being a live performance held at Experimental Intermedia’s headquarters – they never indulge in superfluous statements, calmly affirming their inventor’s peculiar artistic vision.