(Plinkity Plonk)

One of the most atypical Mirror releases, this beautifully ethereal composition stands among the best works by Heemann and Chalk, here aided by David Keenan, Gavin Laird and Alex Neilson during live segments recorded in 2003 in Scotland. After a lengthy silent introduction, a gaseous matter formed by superimposed loops and sparse, distant clattering by percussive elements and guitar establishes its presence and stays throughout the piece, its pleasing malady spreading all over the place in a deep-laid plan to take over our consciousness. The flutey chimes of these repeating circles acquire a semblance of tranquil demeanour at first, then – slowly yet incessantly – transport the recipients into a semi-controlled state of proportionate magnification of the deeper self; a condition that Mirror’s faithfuls know extremely well by now. This is not territory for ombrophobous creatures, yet the luminescence of this infrasonic revelation symbolizes a message that’s there to be assimilated, whatever it may take to understand it.