(Red Toucan)

“We rarely improvise on forms, rather we spontaneously create forms from the core elements of a piece, and sometimes we deviate from the piece altogether”. These words are by pianist Achim Kaufmann about this trio, active since several years back and whose quite light-hearted multigenre walk mixes jazz, its derivates and more atonal material with a good dose of nonchalance, to the point that one would expect to hear Randy Newman’s voice appearing to underline some of the parts. The most structured interactions, though, are expressed by Van Der Schyff and Moore during sensitive exchanges where the vital elements of timbre – the drum skin, the air in the tube – seem to gain additional weight as long as the music stays on the border between definition and no-kind-of-anythingness, with Kaufmann in the uneasy role of harmonic coordinator who finds the time for melancholic sporadicalnesses acting as a liquidizing element. Trombone player Wolter Wierbos is featured in two tracks, adding a few touches of unrule to these otherwise collected conversations. “Kamosc” is a correspondence among three long-standing colleagues who feel joyful and rewarded when they chance meet on their way to artistic momentariness. Not a milestone, but still a very enjoyable album.


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