(Die Stadt)

Like it or not, Jackman’s uncompromising stance is one of the most admirable today and it clearly reflects in his music, which keeps being released in a plurality of formats. In this 10 inch we’re gifted with the reissue of a 1983 track – here presented in two versions – originally released in the “Elephant table album” compilation. “Edge of nothing” is classic Jackman, a cauldron of tuned metals, scorching feedback, deranged resonances and an absolutely free approach. Each piece by the Organum deus ex machina, even in short time spans, is a shocking delivery of sonic surcharge which, at high volume, speaks with more eloquence than anything else. These recordings literally sneer at us, raising a cloud of smoke behind which long moments of violent beauty can be repeatedly tasted. We surely need more than only 12 minutes, anyway!