EDORTA IZARZUGAZA – Autoerregistroa


This is the first solo outing by Izarzugaza, who had previously participated in the Antifrost compilation of Basque artists “Euskal Interpretatzaile Berriak I”. As a debut album it’s a seducing artefact, the obsessive inquirer who lives within my “analyzing self” feeling the urge of playing it repeatedly to better understand its complexion. The protagonist utilizes voice, amplifiers, software and sometimes guitars to concoct long improvisations where the colours remain pretty basic, recalling in this very occasion several terms of comparison, from Jason Kahn’s most subdued cymbal work to the menacing soundscapes of KTL. Tranquillity is not an option, though. In fact, the man brushes the static development of his creature with anything that might be prominent in a mix – saturated discharges, treated vocals, acrid humming – so that either we’re awaken from any mental loop we could fall in, or introduced to hypnotic circles after having been welcomed by violent dynamic changes. In a way or another, it works well. Every once in a while, a “simple” appearance falls into the cauldron – a minimal guitar arpeggio in “Onarpen”, peculiar alien lullabies ending both “Bide Gurutzea” and the CD – but the general sense is one of thrumming power ready to explode, often influencing the listeners’ expectations by wrapping them with a mantle of low frequencies that, for a change, do not sound cheaply arranged and hastily thrown on disc. A release that would deserve a wider distribution, quite good indeed.


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