(Creative Sources)

A pair of trumpets – Matt Davis and Ruth Barberàn – plus Alfredo Costa Monteiro on accordion: this is “I treni inerti”, italian translation of “Inert trains” and, of course, a palindrome name for the trio. Here, nothing can be judged for its appearance, for the musicians seem intent to analyze the organic results of their alchemy through (and around) their body more than any kind of tonal/harmonic context: just think that the first “real”, long note coming out of your speakers is after about 10 minutes from the CD’s start. The whole concept is based on what you’d call the “new silence” current of improvisation: a lot of space, rare moments in which a form or a line seems to take over, only to disappear in the no man’s land of forgotten memories. This is a record that can be enjoyed at medium volume, mixing it with your ordinary everyday activities; otherwise, you should seat in front of this creature in utter silence, try to find an impossible definition for it.


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