IAN-M. IVERSEN – 1.05 Drone

(Triple Bath)

The title is a little misleading, as Iversen’s single track on this CDR is not a real “drone” – although it rumbles quite deeply in several occasions – but rather sounds like a bulletin from a dark hole: a continuous, powerful vortex of whirling insufflations and wooshing noise made of various sources, all camouflaged into a “educately roaring” mass (imagine a strong wind over a microphone’s capsule rendered more exciting through competent studio treatment) that constantly charges and retreats until its presence is accepted and, in a way, welcomed. Nothing exactly groundbreaking, but the piece can easily defend itself in the arena of space and post-ambient music, which is growing into an increasingly stressing zone to live in, given the impossibility of a careful evaluation of the huge quantity of home projects released these days. Iversen sounds a little more “professional”, though, and its “Drone” caught me in a moment of total relax, generating an interesting sonic domain through which I closed my eyes and abandoned myself, only to be brought back to my senses at the end by a heavier, more (in)tense radiation. It can stay with me.


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