ILIOS – Vento Elektra


Broken only by a few minor interferences, the sound of “electric wind” by Ilios is one intense physical experience. A fixed frequency – effectively similar to a distant desert air propulsion – voids the brain of any meaningful thought, creating a hollow space for the body to crouch into. Small noises coming from the external life become mere glimpses of regular monotony, luckily washed out of our aural reach within a few seconds. In the last ten minutes the electric flow captured by the composer mounts slightly, forming slow-motion glissandos similar to the noise of faraway cars in the night silence or, when the volume finally increases, of motor airplanes – bombers, if you will – closing the stomach with riveting emotional droning parabolas. Antifrost must be thanked for releasing this record; Ilios gave birth to an electroacoustic climatological masterwork.


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