IMAGHO – Someone Controls Electric Guitar


The third part of a trilogy – “Lunt” and “Baka!” being the first two – “Someone controls electric guitar” needs no more explanation than its title, as it consists of a seven-part series of manipulations of crystal-clear guitar pluckings and resonances, slightly intoxicated by a nice placement of switches, hums and buzzes constituting the real “electric body” of the sound. The whole record is built upon delayed/looped parts, partially treated by a laptop, in a gentle and very personal hommage to Fripp and Eno’s recent work (the couple is even thanked by the maker in the notes). Even if Imagho, whose real name is Jean-Louis Prades, maintains everything under a pretty reassuring transparent mantle, the music is not devoid of mysterious atmospheres and a certain dose of unquietness, which makes me want to go back and listen again as soon as the disc is over. Slowly but firmly, Hitomi is carving a niche of its own – keep your ears up.


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