IN CAMERA – In Camera

(Some Fine Legacy)

In Camera is the duo of Christoph Heemann and Timo Van Luyck; their first release is a vinyl album in a limited edition of 500 copies, featuring the typically detailed cover artwork characterizing all of Heemann’s projects. The obscurities and the slow transformations to which the German composer grew us accustomed to are still there, nicely complemented by sparse concrete sounds (presumably by Van Luyck, a former member of Noise-Maker’s Fifes) which are just perfect for the “carpet crawling” resonance of repeated notes by an obfuscated, almost out of tune piano and the additional dampened bumps seemingly coming from the same source. The overall plumbeous atmosphere is also influenced by a barely perceptible underground activity, like if small sculptures of suspicion acquired a life of their own, following a process of separation between the detection of an impulse and its immediate analysis by the brain. This music is alluring and deceivingly complex, its presence absolutely necessary after a while.


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