IRR. APP. (EXT.) – Cosmic Superimposition

(Errata In Excelsis)

Matt Waldron took the original sources for his great “Ozeanische Gefühle” and seamed them in different ways over “a framework of five field recordings” to get a new exciting result, an album that – by using the same materials of an already wonderful release – approximates and probably increases the value of its predecessor. Amidst the frequent presence of natural and treated sounds of water, hazy landscapes of uncertainty open in front of eyes that are willing to observe the shapes of things under a different perspective. A majestic static crescendo characterizes the first section and, when that hypnotic rubbing of the skull ends, emissions between the amorphous and the synthetic surround us paralleled by series of percussive manifestations, irregular yet constant. After a while, something like a giant squeezebox puffs and huffs fetid air upon scarcely responsive bodies. At times the music is almost visible, appearing as an unsolvable puzzle, its pieces scattered by the wind whenever we near completion. The picture is one of a bow-legged entity whose difficult walk towards the light of the day is rendered impossible by the excessive intertwining of bushes and branches. Birds watch and tweet the solution, which nevertheless remains a mystery for wingless beings. Another intriguing specimen of sonic abstract expressionism by Irr. App. (Ext.) containing layers of new revelations for our next day’s life divided with cheap-minded characters. Revelations that, as usual, we will do well to keep for ourselves.


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