IRR. APP. (EXT.) – Drone Works #10

(Twenty Hertz)

All things considered, Matt Waldron’s contribution to Twenty Hertz’s “Drone works” ongoing saga has probably to be regarded as the best until now. Picture a conglomerate of scorching vibrations coming from what sounds like bowed metals sheets and strings, whose impressive force resembles a cross of Dave Jackman/Organum’s best stuff – I’m thinking of “Birds’ wings were glued to their bodies” in particular – and a sweeter version of Tony Conrad’s aggressive violin “oms”. The piece is fantastic, a ruthless quivering surrounding our body with vehemence but also harmonically evolved, in the spirit of the “right” reiterative music of our time. Such a listening experience can seriously alter your perceptive channels and is useful to separate the drone masters from their cheap imitators. Irr. App. (Ext.) should release a boxset worth of these majestically emotional overtones; play loud.


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