IRR. APP. (EXT.) – Ozeanische Gefühle

(The Helen Scarsdale Agency)

Lustmord. Zoviet France. Christoph Heemann. None of the above. This is my head’s train of thoughts while trying to (stupidly) associate this creation to something I know; the fact is, Matt Waldron’s music emerges with a personality that’s strong and incomparable. His methods in “Ozeanische Gefühle” are nearer to acousmatics than to droning soundscapes: in fact, when Matt lulls you into repetition, then he adds some dirty string plucking; or, in between powerful dramatic shots of contemporary sapience, he gives you distant mantras of frogs and maybe a distorted rotation of a classical orchestra. Then again, somehow a piping choir emerges from a tense discordance of unspecified indetermination. For sure you can’t expect the obvious from Irr. App. (Ext.); his music is made of reversible directions and non-volatile substance – fragments of human dedication amidst articulated hybrids of strange distillates.


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