(Elvis Coffee)

Another interesting outing from this Welsh label, which releases very good music in limited editions charging only the postage fee, “Sound on an empty road” was assembled by Ian Holloway (Psychic Space Invasion) and Neil Rowling. Indeed everything seems to begin with muffled car sounds, but very soon those humming, murmuring noises are submerged by processed ambiences, infinite low frequencies (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were treated motor sounds too) and harsher timbres, similar to the continuous whirr of high-tension lines. The scene changes several times in the 38+ minutes of the piece; one remains puzzled in front of this gloomy atmosphere, yet there are also more piercing emissions that sound like held feedback and – when less expected – a very slow hint of “melody”, possibly coming from a keyboard. The arc of this soundscape is pretty smooth, the whole remaining unpretentious and very pleasing in its pretty sad character. Nice alternative ambient with (very few) touches of Zoviet France, Lull and the most obscure Roedelius, just to give you some vague reference point. Definitely praiseworthy stuff. And, should you want to check the good level of ECR’s productions, get a copy of their very nice compilation “The eternal present”, where seven different artists unveil their graces guaranteeing many nice moments of bliss and fun.