I:WOUND – Punish The Guilty

(The Locus of Assemblage)

The way we perceive sound geography can depend on many factors, being them a recollection of visited places, a fantasy journey or the sheer appreciation of a work made by other visitors; in that sense, I:Wound’s double CD is one of the best collages of local recordings and electronic splicing that I can name right now. The whole set revolves around loops and cut’n’paste memories of Indian sources, from radio and public gathering noise to praying chants and children playing, all slightly dipped in halos of ambience that modify timbral characters just that necessary bit to transform the thing in a magic layering of Fourth World sonic circumstances. Auto horns, tablas and sitars, reels of concrete sounds and a recurring “I love my India” fragment mesh in a truly beautiful aural documentary. Barely noticeable, droning of underneath frequencies make their presence felt here and there, amidst people’s clamour and variegated emissions, to give the album a well earned touch of seriousness. I don’t hesitate in declaring “Punish the guilty” as an acousmatic low budget gem; get it while it lasts.


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