(For 4 Ears)

Both ex drummers, Kahn and Müller have retained very little of old instrumental habits as their music of today is more an imploding narcotization than a percussive course. Sustaining long moments of bliss while elongating their introverted vibe, the couple is methodical, austere and destabilizing; all the “blinks” walk a slow, undetermined pace where electronics control both the orientation and the intensity of the message. Muffled turbulences and morphing loops relate very well with our organism, leaving no space for escaping from this modern way of interpreting computerized trance. Yet the music is extremely focused, letting your will free to accept these new messages as already decoded, like if you were listening to a familiar lexicon. As always with these two guys, technically sound composition/improvisation is in cahoots with light touches of well-channeled energy.


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