(For 4 Ears)

I’m not that familiar with the work of Aube (alias Akifumi Nakajima), despite him being acknowledged among “the pioneers and great masters of electronic music in Japan”. One thing is for sure: together with Müller’s iPod and electronics, Kahn’s analog synthesizer and Möslang’s cracked everyday electronics, Nakajima’s laptop generates lots of inquisitive turbulences, which the quartet uses quite well in large chunks of stimulating intramuscular conversations. “Signal to Noise 5″ is probably the episode from this gorgeous series where the latter element (noise) is preponderant over the former, and also the CD in which the dynamics are less differentiated, more tending to a massive cohesion of all powers and forces. At times saturated blubbery, elsewhere boiling electricity, most often anxious pulse, this matter doesn’t look for subconscious action but it’s definitely “in your face”, with a dose of extraterrestrial aromas for good measure. Slow undulations get chain-sawed by terminally ill frequencies, still able to determine a nervous wreck in unsuspecting listeners; rhythmically spastic pops and bleeps are submerged by superimposed particles and cells that start as short and, with the passing of time, extend their shape until becoming oblong ectoplasms of pseudo-organic creatures. What sounds disorganized at a first listen reveals instead a deployment of mutating features which place the improvisations exactly at the border between ultra-modern sci-fi and regulated chaos. Turn the volume way up and mama will come and see if you’re OK, unless she has already decided to commit suicide after being administered another similar record a while back. Again, necessary stuff from Günter Müller’s label: indeed they do not skip a beat, electro-acoustic jumbles notwithstanding.


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