(For 4 Ears)

This is the first disc, in a series of five, containing collaborations between the most advanced Swiss electroacoustic composers/improvisers and selected Japanese musicians of the same area, everything recorded in the spring of 2006 in various combinations. This particular record features Kahn on analog synth, Möslang on cracked everyday electronics, Müller on iPod and electronics, Shibuya on keyboard and laptop, Maria on laptop. Siliconized tubercles and mounting strata seem to have no problem in a reciprocal acceptance; shrapnel-like larvae produce massive clouds of amorphous scintillas. A sequence, a foreign pattern, a pseudo helicopter rotation, then an undergrumble of awesome low frequencies. Surgical juxtapositions form bionic organisms whose voice is surcharged by a million computers, all working against their real will. Fake ghosts bicycle around our perspective hearing, blazing us with spatial weapons in one hand and frying popcorn in a pan with the other. Our feet get stuck in a bog full of electro-parasites but there’s no more blood to feed them. Intensity rises with parching emissions which we know very well, yet it is always great to be able to solve at least some of their riddles. Specular geometries and reverberant propagations flicker like the moon’s luminescence over the sea, while the power of feedback finds an agreement with the less blistering outbursts to determine, once and for all, if we’re intelligent enough to avoid being ridiculed by their raison d’etre.


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