(For 4 Ears)

Kahn (analog synth, percussion), Möslang (cracked everyday electronics) and Müller (iPod, percussion electronics) accumulate a lot of contrasting forces, putting them at work in a music that’s driven by a ferocious will to exist beyond the necessity of documentation. Two basic factors reinforce the backbone of these improvisations, one being an almost obsessive “beat” – most probably born from Möslang’s malfunctioning apparata, yet basically sounding like a skipping CD in infinite repeat – while the other is the huge body of rumble that a simple clockwise turn of the volume knob elicits in the house, creating a sense of menace that characterizes the record in a much more evident way when compared with other “subtler” releases by the same names. This mass of self-perpetuating thick fumes effectively camouflages its single components; not that we necessarily need to know who plays what – experts will find several clues, though – but this is probably the very first time in a CD by this label in which I felt swallowed by an oppressive pessimism rather than encouraged to individuate the implied gradations. I needed to leave my chair and nervously pace the room while listening, the music causing a reaction in my systems. And if this happens – provided that I’m not facing some kind of opprobrium, and that I respect the involved artists – it’s a sure sign that it works. Life is not only blue skies and golden sunsets. Translation: this is a keeper – and fans of Voice Crack will love it even more.


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