(For 4 Ears)

Difficult not to remain impressed by the quality of this CD, for sure among the best in this series, recorded in 2006 at YCAM Yamaguchi in Japan. The instrumentation comprises analog synthesizer, percussion, guitar, electronics, cracked everyday-electronics, iPod, contrabass and saxophone. The record features two lengthy tracks: the sonic spectrum of the first is extremely obscure, an inner pulse underlining the sub-volcanic, magmatic characteristics of the improvisation, while the second shifts to areas where feedback, squealing emissions and sax harmonics let the listeners focus the attention on nerve-shattering thin pitches for a long time. Since the very beginning of the initial section it’s indubitable that there is no light on the horizon: ultra-lows take instant command, discreetly early on, then with a progressive increase of their power. An immediate sense of throbbing in the back of the head lets us realize that distinguishing who plays what is completely useless, in spite of the fact that Yamauchi’s insufflations and Weber’s incessant bass tolling are easily traceable. The music becomes progressively louder minus an explosion, at last showing a kind of healing force way beyond its threatening appearance; as such, the end comes pretty much undesired – one would like to go on indeed. The remaining half is more nervous and a little bit unstable, the juxtaposition of high frequencies scarring an otherwise pseudo-static background (which, anyway, hides several traps – listen carefully). Definitely not relaxing, the noisy parallelisms create a growing feel of anguish typical of thought-provoking sound art that goes straight to the core of physical systems. We manage to control responses, but undoubtedly this is a harsher method of stimulation that could be accepted less serenely by many. That does not detract from the significance of the piece, which continues on the same elevated standards of the previous instalment. Serious stuff without a second of pause, deserving repeated listens both via speakers and headphones.


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