The contorted motion of these unorthodox bursts of free music guarantees an engaging listen for almost 80 minutes, during which this quartet – the Kaiser/Pask duo plus G.E.Stinson and Steuart Liebig – manages to reach rarely heard levels of alienation from genres. Decidedly complex, rich of twists and turns, deliberately helter-skelter at various times, this spontaneous composition is a combination of virtuoso reed playing on an invariably modified platform of electronics that often sound like generated by obscure forces beyond the musicians’ control. Various kinds of trumpets, clarinets and saxes get cross-pollinated by Kaiser and Pask in fractured hybrids (often engulfed in a pretty heavy-handed signal processing) while Stinson and Liebig remain free of applying their own rationale, either drone-oriented in powerful backgrounds or during sudden close-ups in the audio imagery, distorting in a full-blast overload. A pretty unquiet sonic journey fusing research and cumulative uniqueness.