It’s 6:30 in the morning while I’m listening to one of those handiworks designed to modulate your living smoothness, channelling unfinished thoughts and gruelling grief into a stream of healing vibrations. Having captured all sounds in Mooste (Estonia) and reworked the sources in the studio, John Grzinich shows to the dead-end amateurs of this genre how a drone based record should be done: the recurring sound waves move like in a slow turnstile, setting the field for a prodigious recycling of self-regenerating hidden fears; the environmental echoes, coming out sparsely throughout the two long tracks, expand the dimension of your mental room, which gets ready to accept new forms of aural intercourse. Although it’s pretty much a gradual revelation process, “Insular regions” rouses the awareness of the receivers, becoming part of that moment of their life without imposition, just seducing the nerves until it’s a necessary presence.