Given that: a) there is a peeled banana on the cover and b) the title means “Basque son”, Velvet Underground fans might be sniffing the air right now. They would be right: this CD is in fact wholly referencing to the song “European Son”, in turn another homage (from Lou Reed to his mentor Delmore Schwarz) from which Josetxo Anitua, Iñigo Eguillor and Mattin – on voices, radio, guitar and drums – created something totally new in terms of sonority, divided onto two selections. In the first and most “transcendental” one, several tracks were recorded starting from a bass line rebuilt from the original, the guitars tuned according to La Monte Young’s ratios, percussion added successively together with lyrics – both from Schwarz himself and Eduardo Haro Ibars, a Spanish counter-cultural poet from the late era of Francisco Franco’s regime. The second episode contains text in Spanish fabricated by the trio through automatic writing, in which they ask themselves “if being hit and hitting back is the only way to learn in this mousetrap that is carefully prepared for us”. In strictly musical sense, it’s a classic work from the fringes of provocative delivery, punk-ish rage and inhuman screaming vomited inside structures that seem to derive from a malfunctioning computer whose hard disk has been carved with scissors. Differently from the depressing dilettantism that usually infests the noise scene this stuff sounds, uh, “experimental”. I don’t know if Tony Conrad could ever acknowledge his own influence in Mattin’s string tuning, as a comparison to a jumble of drunken woofers wouldn’t be out of place instead. Yet it is possible that Schwarz could even pat Mr. Reed’s shoulder from the sky and whisper “Now that’s what I meant, Lou”. One imagines that the above mentioned VU aficionados will get an overdose of “Venus in furs” pronto.


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