(Mystery Sea)

Behind this moniker hides a French sound engineer who works at GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales). It comes then as a direct consequence that this music strays a little from the usual patterns of the Belgian label, in favour of something that in effect borders on musique concrete territories (especially in “Cis”, fourth track of the CD). This doesn’t mean that the album lacks drones, rumbles and cavernous reverbs; they’re all there, only better integrated in a series of more tangible elements and variously speeded tapes, which for sure is not bad. Indeed, various parts of this record recall the work of artists whose camouflaging of real-life materials is at the basis of their brand of suspension and displacement (I’m thinking of names such as Jim Haynes or Matt Waldron). In this case the scarce visibility, caused by a thick curtain of low frequencies and often incomprehensible “presences”, is a basic element of the majority of the tracks. There’s also a sense of slowed-down vocal emission, particularly in the conclusive “Infra”, that gives the idea of some monstrous creature hiding under a layer of sand, ready to swallow any unfortunate walker who puts a foot on its body. If a well-prepared dronescaper (put your favourite name here) decided to collaborate with Nessie, probably the result would partially resemble this air-saturating piece. Kind of oppressive stuff, but overall quite good.


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