You’d make a fatal error misprizing Margareth Kammerer’s apparently basic, almost autistic song crumbles. Under the skin they travel and – like a piker amassing large sums of money with tiny wins – this woman uses her guitar inventing small angular phrases and off-centre riffs, singing over all this with expressionless stare and a detached voice that’s her very strength. Kammerer’s scope is pretty limpid, though; even radical treatments and cut-up remixes by the likes of Fred Frith, Philip Jeck and Christof Kurzmann fail to change her perspective, instead accenting the unobtrusive, observational playing of this very particular artist. It’s a record that must be listened more than a few times to catch all its hidden beauties: “As your nightly dreams 2″, with Chris Abrahams on piano, is lovely and so is “I carry your heart with me”, where Axel Dörner’s trumpet works wonders around Margareth. The only thing I really can’t like is the out of tune guitar of “Somewhere I have never travelled” – all the rest is really nice indeed.