MAZEN KERBAJ – Brt Vrt Zrt Krt

(Al Maslakh)

Mazen Kerbaj is an astounding improviser, as clearly demonstrated by this adventure for solo trumpet. On the CD cover, he writes “No cuts, no overdubbing, no use of electronics”; he’s right in advising us, because the sounds emitted by his instrument are beyond the limits of believable. Each track is aptly titled with a tentative onomatopoeic transcription of the noises he generates – there is some fabulous poetry here, just listen to “Tagadagadaga” or “Flooka Brooka Clooka” to realize that they truly sound that way. Industrial blare, malfunctioning electric plants, distant helicopters, firemen wrestling against a hell of flames and exotic chirps are all parts of the repertoire; “Ffffss” lets us experience the numbing effect of a guerilla happening right outside your window, something that this Lebanese musician has tattooed in his mind (he was born during one of the harshest time frames in that area’s history). Music made with few means, exquisitely mature in its conscious suggestive force, “Brt Vrt Zrt Krt” is a necessary addition in every serious collection of contemporary creativity.


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