VIKKI JACKMAN – Of Beauty Reminiscing

(Faraway Press)

Vikki Jackman (no relation to David of Organum fame) is the pianist that we first met in Andrew Chalk’s “Goldfall”, her impalpable chords and notes a preponderant element of that delicate music. Now Faraway Press issues her solo debut, which comes in a stunningly beautiful sleeve, a time-consumed photo in which little Vikki is portrayed near a snowman. One can’t escape memory, which is often all that remains after a good portion of life has passed by without letting us have a clue of what it’s all about. A piano that sounds slightly out of tune could be a symbolic homage to remembrances that fade away; Jackman approaches the keyboard with the same unconscious wonder of that tiny lady discovering music for the first time, letting one note, two or more tones spread their cloaked reverberation in mysterious clouds and suspended waves. Differently from the above mentioned “Goldfall”, in which the instrument’s voice was more or less unrecognizable, “Of beauty reminiscing” uses both aspects – the attack and decay of the note, the superimposition of different aural ripples – to evoke a sense of void that no future project or achievement can really completely dissipate. That void must remain, though – because it’s by filling it that our existence, in a way, would stop suggesting those meanings that we just guess without really understanding, and that constitute the fuel to keep us going.


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