Due to the extremely various types of sounds used and also to the high degree of human element carried by the resulting music, this electroacoustic patchwork by Guerra, Hood and Stern is lively and convincing. The mix of guitar, electronics, turntable and field recordings is a nice multidimensional concoction of dynamic ranges and “beyond-the-limits” sonic palettes, conducing the listener through the six improvisations without effort or ear straining. Textural abrasions are sapiently alternated with oneiric gatherings in a place where originality and creativity are not confused with amateurish tentativeness. Everyone knows exactly where to put his hands, so that apparently raw sketches gradually evolve and morph themselves into a dense architecture of fresh ideas. Substantial and intelligent, this kind of stuff is what the “new music department” needs to get a shot in the arm by well deserving and inquisitive-minded sonic experimenters.


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