Get this: the only featured instrument is an unamplified acoustic guitar and the record’s length is indicated at about 19 minutes. Instead, here’s what happened: I was instantly incinerated – right after wearing my headphones and turning the volume up – by a discharge of something cruel, sort of a crazed Morse code transmitted through the electric instruments of those who kill animals and peel their skin off to make furs. After that, what sounds like a brushed cymbal vanishes into silence in less than three minutes. To avoid a new cardiospasm, I lowered the level just in time for the second coming of the mother piercer, which is finally cancelled by a few minor disturbances. Then – I’m not kidding you – my CD player’s timer began to go backwards, starting from -95’45″ for a minute or so, then I heard a crackle and a whirr and saw “error” written in the display. An acoustic guitar. Yeah, right. Time to get a camomile and go to bed.