This album is a gorgeous example of the new course of sonic action that Günter and Friedl started with “Ataraxia”, a kind of EAI crossing various similarities (Organum, Paul Panhuysen, Ellen Fullman came to mind while I was intent in listening) with a new consciousness of physical vibration that yields the best results by allowing the music to diffuse in a room rather than utilizing headphones. The basic foundation of “Trans~” is a superimposition of recordings that Günter made of three power transformers, placing microphones in different positions “to cull different sounds and overtone spectra from their intense hum”. Given this constantly shifting drone, the musicians add their own excursions, additions and subtractions using electric cellotar, a self-made bamboo flute, harmonicas and hackbrett (cymbalom). Even in a gathering of speckled meditations and semi-anxious adjacences like this very one, we can detect an inner linearity in a sort of domesticated rebellion whose acoustic properties are sapiently exploited by conveying them into an irregular “om” – particularly in evidence around the 28-minute mark – in which the contiguous frequencies at the opposites of their range behave like fog lamps in a sensual haze, maintaining the alertness of our senses on despite the basically hypnotic nature of the piece. Quite often, the flux is broken by hits and drops of varying entity, like if the musicians wanted to test the echo in a virtual valley. It all makes sense. Essentially, an excellent CD in need of very attentive ears.


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