(Creative Sources)

“Etwa” is a pretty harsh work, not easy to absorb at a first try but full of propulsive energy anyhow. Gauguet is one of the several saxophonists exploring the peculiar aspects of his instrument; he’s from the “air team” of the Bosettis and the Donedas (the first track of the album is dedicated to the French improviser) yet his bubbling saliva, incredible harmonics and most of the sounds coming out of those tubes and keys are permeated by a kind of “lo-fi” character, like if Bertrand had placed microphones in experimental manners or even used some effects, which gives the music a spartan, “post-radiation” pale skin. That doesn’t detract in any way from the pieces, all very interesting and expressing a well definite identity in a not easy to penetrate sense of aesthetic value that is surely the most notable character in Bertrand’s world. I really believe that repeated listening will help in a full comprehension of this musician’s attitude.


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