BRIAN GODDING – Kebab Ala’ Twang


Directly from Brian Godding’s vault, here comes a series of real-time guitar synth improvisations recorded at the end of the 80′s. “Kebab” is lively and variable, mostly permeated of an almost childish disbelief in front of new harmonic discoveries (which always should be the first goal during these kinds of self-absorbing playing experiences). Linking his Stratocaster to a Roland GR-50 and an array of delays, reverbs and additional modules Godding crosses a lot of different fields with results going from an ironic outlook on apparently “serious” progressions, all the way through controlled chaos regurgitating plastic spasms and discarded phrases rebelling to their fate. Many “infinite repeat” moments also constitute the backbone for more open-air solo meditations that will be appealing to more hypno-oriented people. The remains of this “warts-and-all” concoction are tasty and sincere; among hundreds of overhyped so-called “avantgarde” guitarists, Brian shows an intriguing side of his musicianship that will surprise many listeners if they approach this record with the right frame of mind.


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