BRIAN GODDING – Slaughter On Shaftesbury Avenue

(The Wild Places)

No matter what anyone could think, Brian Godding is a Touching Extremes’ hero. If there’s a musician that I believe has been unjustly overlooked, this has to be the Welsh/London based guitarist, a master of integrity and an example to follow according to your reviewer. I’ve been waiting a digital reissue of this 1988 album for years; now here’s my chance to do something right and invite those who don’t know to enjoy a collection of bloody jazz rock instrumentals played with absolute commitment, soul and explosive energy. Beautiful chordal rainbows, volcanic runs, chromatic blues riffs, Brian has something for everyone; he’s backed by gorgeous companions making “free” music even if the pieces are generally composed. Godding’s not afraid to be scrutinized, he leaves everything on the floor forcing me to nod approvingly in any minute of the record, enjoying complexities and quirks, perfect harmonies and little errors. Everything defines the vision of these artists, people who hasn’t accepted anything but a harsh reality, even if that reality means making no money. Brian is currently active in the English improvisation area: keep an eye here for future reviews of his works in those contexts, already available at his website (


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