BRIAN GODDING – The Colour Of Sound..


More six-string explorations by Brian Godding, these very beautiful – sometimes I’d say radiant – aural landscapes are sensitively touching and delicate in their open-hearted process to see “what comes after”. Orchestrating guitars has always been Brian’s forte: just listen to his “Blue sun” piece in “Slaughter on Shaftesbury Avenue”; here you’ll find chorales and spacey textures mixed with more radical twinkling of noises and metallic parts of the instrument, plus additional dynamic moments that could fit perfectly in a movie soundtrack. Pretty striking to me is Godding’s will to uncover different shades of timbre (…the title is self explanatory in this sense…) without losing focus on the general concept of the music itself, which often sounds like an “instant well-regulated composition” rather than improvised. This CD is so highly enjoyable and impregnated by Brian’s character that I can’t help but inviting anyone to discover it, thereby helping this unsung hero to get more of the credit he deserves.


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