CHARLES GAYLE TRIO – Consider The Lilies…

(Clean Feed)

Soul can be extremely pierceable, and Charles Gayle is one of those musicians that is able to perform the job. One listens to such a strong collection of cries, emotions and intensely visceral communions, and the ground just subsides under your feet, preventing any further description or interpretation. “Consider the lilies…” was recorded live in New York in 2005 and features Gayle on alto sax and piano, Hilliard Greene on double bass and Jay Rosen on drums. These guys don’t lollop around, instead going straight to the core of their music with short excursions through thematic expositions that immediately get transformed into furious altercation and scorching free jazz granules, sometimes alleviated by slightly calmer, predicative solo sections. The colours never change, it’s all there: a peculiar kind of brazenness meshed with an almost religious fervour, the whole causing the same effects of a sparkle on a matchbox, with Rosen and Greene prolonging the duration of the flame until Gayle reaches the point of no return with his endless quest for rousing phrases and fierce enthusiasm for life. No more words; it’s just great stuff, truly “blood, sweat and tears” and highly recommended.


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