This release is indeed a double layer disc: one side CD, the other DVD (in European Pal format). In both sides the music was composed by Christoph Gallio and interpreted by Claudia Rüegg on piano. The “Hits” are eighty short segments (that’s right, eighty) of sketches, glimpses and delicacies that follow a kind of artistic ideal which I share completely, as I myself have always been fascinated by the idea of suggesting without concluding, like planting a small seed that the receivers will water with their own imagination. These vignettes alternate refined harmonies, barely imagined scale fragments and ironic outbursts (OK, very few of the latter ones) but never leave the ambit of an inquisitive, reflective mood that, in some moments, made me mentally define them like a compound of Chick Corea’s “Children songs” and certain well-known pages from Erik Satie’s book. Rüegg plays with competent technique and semi-detached approach, the compositional depth clearly audible throughout the program. On the DVD, the tracks accompany a series of photographs and “Stills” by Beat Streuli, shot in Tokyo in 2006. The strange pairing of Gallio’s music with images of huge buildings and people from the street (the large part of them dealing with a cell phone, one would say) works well, the highlight being Rüegg’s digital adroitness underlining splendid nocturnal visions featuring the anti-crash red lights of the skyscrapers, continuously on and off in a flickering game of hide-and-seek with blackness.


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