(Clean Feed)

This band was assembled by Gonzalez during a quick trip to Boston and New York; he wanted to play with musicians he hadn’t met until then and spread this wish around the web. The resulting group includes a peculiar double bass duo (Joe Morris, Nate Mc Bride), a sax (Charles Kohlhase) and a young drummer (Croix Galipault) besides the leader’s trumpet. The music is built on two basic foundations, namely the “rounded angularity” of the themes and the obstinate alternance of passionate melodies and free-form dialogues. The bass-to-bass conversation between Morris and Mc Bride raises several stimulating questions, while Kohlhase runs the whole distance between bebop and Tim Berne. Despite his age, Galipault’s drumming ignites serious accidents while keeping all soloists in check with a coordinated swinging feel when necessary. Gonzalez’s tone is luscious and serene; as usual, he’s virtually incapable of playing an out-of-context note, remaining anchored to a quite accessible combination of elegant dissonance and consistent improvisational phraseology.