Hard-working Emily Hay – musician, paralegal, promoter, radio host and heaven knows what else – put together a flamboyant representation of her multiple artistic personality in this articulated and highly enjoyable album, which was completely improvised with practically no overdubbing. Flanked by some of the hottest heads active in the West Coast avantgarde movement (Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet, Rich West, Steuart Liebig, Michael Intriere to name just a few) Emily plays and sings with unstained earnestness through a group of pieces so well accomplished that they made me believe they were charted. Hay’s flute excavates in pluralities of escapes from the obvious, without giving up to the silliness of impulsive gesture per se; her vocal personas, not too distant from the poetic of a Shelley Hirsch, contain sparkles of a fragmented bright look, mere illusions of unrestricted behaviour amidst a severe-looking emptiness of content that this artist tried to fight on her own terms. Needless to say, she won.