If this music had been released by Hafler Trio or Rapoon, we’d be praising it as just another example of their masterful work on hypnosis and transcendence; instead, this is a thoroughly spartan edition – no cover notes at all – containing two long segments of immobile beauty, something like an infinite lo-fi loop of a hybryd entity comprising the two above mentioned artists, the muffled noise of a boiler, the menacing clouds of a bad winter afternoon and the quiet depression of someone already knowing their death’s exact date. Everything resonates around a more or less fixed spurious frequency made with guitars, eBow and layered tapes, slightly crippled by small disturbances sounding like the wind as heard from within your house with windows shut; very rarely, a tiny gong toll apparently defines the length of these ceremonials. This flux is interrupted by a final crackle, which abruptly stops the ongoing hallucination.