(Heat Retention)

Active since 1999, the George Steeltoe Ensemble is an ever-changing group of multi-instrumentalists and performing artists; “Church of Yuh” – a vinyl album – is their first release. In this particular occasion, the instrumentation comprises electronics, basses, vocals, guitars, saxes, trumpet, flute, piano, contact microphone, tin can, tone generator, percussion and tapes. Nine musicians in different combinations were recorded in two different sessions, each featured on a side of the LP. One of the keywords here is “free jazz”, but there’s more than just powerful blasting and liberating clangour. At times – especially at the beginning of the second side – the performers engage in hypnotic repetitions and interlocking arpeggios; picture La Monte Young(er) relaxing in a NYC avant-jazz club. Yet, when the group’s engine gets going, the Steeltoes build thick walls of dissonant belligerency, interspersing flows of hoarse rage with strange languages that mix treated vocals and electronic undercurrents. It’s difficult but not intimid


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