GILLES GOBEIL – Trilogie D’Ondes

(Empreintes DIGITALes)

The sound world of Gilles Gobeil mostly revolves around the philosophy of “break” or “rupture”, where “large-scale musical gestures are developed and brought to their acme before being immediately crushed to silence”. This audio DVD contains three impressive tracks scored for taped/computerized sounds and Ondes Martenot, the latter fabulously handled by Suzanne Binet-Audet, who studied the instrument with the inventor himself; the resulting soundscapes affect our sense of doubt deeply, carrying an unforeseeable, almost fearful aura which puts them on the same level of excellence of the best electroacoustic mavericks we highly revere. “Voix blanche” is a highly creative mixture of slowly unfolding irregular drones and digital descriptions of an outside world we are not allowed to judge, where the violence of facts is just a pretext to transform our susceptibility through the congruous reward of a rehabilitated brain, able to classify any new colour just to achieve the pleasure of scare. “Là ou vont les nuages…” sees more dramatically intriguing junctions among the railways of hope and despair; slow glissando vapors meet pre-recorded voices, strings, car horns and percussive outbursts in a monstrous acousmatic pandemonium which has one reeling punchdrunk at times, oneirically displaced moments later. “La perle et l’oubli” is based on “Hymn of the Soul”, a gnostic text by Bardesanes, and in its 21+ minutes length is maybe the narrative high of the whole set, alternating the feeling of total loneliness with outgrowths of sapient, relentless sonic activity in which samples of eternal void and heartbreaking choirs by invisible creatures are underlined by a masterful use of the “event-silence-event” consecutio; the striking puissance of these explorations of the listener’s psyche closes “Trilogie d’ondes” with an exclamation mark, immediately awarding it a “classic” stamp.


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