GIRAFFE – Hear Here


“Composed in real time”. Now that’s an expression that I appreciate. It’s true: some improvisations sound, well, improvised; other ones could indeed be exchanged for compositions. The third case is that many improvisations are shit, but this is not the right moment for a tirade. Joseph Jaros and Luke Polipnick generated this nicely bubbling brew while probably having fun, since the resulting music is very lively, intelligently concocted and variegated enough to sustain the attention test, although not without pauses. Circuit bending and tape alteration would seem to be the name of the game (just guessing – the sleeve doesn’t help and I’m not willing to surf at 9:30 AM). There are additional kinds of oddities, too, such as a syllable-uttering baby appearing out of nowhere at one point amidst sci-fi noise and humming warfare. Mixtures of distorted emissions, piercing shrieks, electronic pulses, even beautifully unusual radioactive frequencies. An FM station tries to unwrap from the mud in the last track. Untranslatable blather and nerve-stimulating dynamic shifts flying all around during one’s try to give a sense to a Sunday morning besides feeding the cats and watching the fight taped the evening before. A day at Cape Canaveral after the officers have smoked quite a lot of pot; the astronauts are still waiting for technical advice from ground control, yet more likely they will end like Major Tom.


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