GOALKEEPER WANTED – Mouthful Of Cherries

(Void Of Ovals)

This has to be one of the best band names in years. Goalkeeper Wanted. Gosh, what do these guys drink, I wonder. And they do sound lovely to these ears: an incoherent-yet-delicious series of improvised rough copies and first attempts, with a prevalence of uneven thumping, outlandish timbres deriving (just maybe) from collapsed keyboards, guitars that look at an average logic of tuning with absolute horror, resonating nicely nevertheless. There are also camouflaged fragments of melody and, in general, a large-limbed predisposition to sonic encrustation that grows as time elapses. As the disc lasts less than 15 minutes, we’re left wanting for more morsels of this cake, dredged with hallucinated dissonances and pustulous microenvironments. I’m asking myself until which age of my life I’ll be prepared to appreciate stuff like this but really don’t care after all, as this is sincere, if not exactly meaningful music.


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