GOVERNMENT ALPHA / PBK – Auditory Hallucination Of Drowsy Afternoon


Yasutoshi Yoshida and Philip B. Klinger are neither the kind of desirable guests at a typical lounge party, nor advisable as neighbours (just kidding, I’d be happy to share tea with them). Their collaboration was recorded during a 2004 tour named “Family Reunion”. I know for sure that certain family reunions end in dishes thrown from a relative to another, but nothing approaches the level of noisy intractability and corruption of tranquillity that this disc presents. If you’re thinking to the “dark hypnosis” side of PBK, forget about it – here we’re dealing with acrid looping, deviated turntablism, whamming-and-thrumming cycles of violence. Yoshida is happy to oblige, featuring all sorts of extravagant mauling of whatever instrument he may be willing to use, imposing a malignant if intelligible regime of perforation of the poor auricular membranes who are going to enjoy this via headphone (once more, be careful if you do). Artistry at work, even in this not exactly pleasing context – and that’s enough with me. Still, don’t play this as a soundtrack for your wedding, or the priest will call an exorcist. Not really a fundamental outing, yet functional at the right time.


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