GREG HEADLEY – A Bulletin On Vertigo

(28 Angles)

Although the rough material comes from electric guitar, there’s not a single moment of “A bulletin on vertigo” where you can detect it. Greg Headley, from L.A., works with his computers mixing, mangling and reshaping forms until he comes out with a “post-space, post-laptop” kind of sound science which has lots of interesting features and a well definite character. I didn’t get a real emotional response by listening to this material, but – as the minutes flow away – the music acquires a sense of imminence, finally arriving to compare itself with the best of nowadays’ electro/computer releases. Headley’s sound is occlusive: it starts from hidden cells, slowly coming to the surface through hell-bent force, finally librating in the daylight in its own full meaning. Nothing more can be seen backing up these pieces, which sound really peculiar, looking at you stone-faced.


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