GREG HEADLEY – The Operation Of The Heavens

(28 Angles)

The new album by Greg Headley comes in a 50-copy limited edition containing the CDR and an accompanying illustrated booklet, which is complementary to the music. The seven movements comprised by “The operations of the Heavens” sound like an indivisible unit and there is actually no sense in appreciating them singularly. Headley used sections of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” – together with his own ideas – to lead an engrossing trip fueled by “the base elements of Holst’s music” that “were reconfigured to bring about new sounds”. The composer refers to ancient alchemic models to describe his intention of transforming the original parts into a wholly new matter, which constitutes the fascinating substratum we can perceive all over. This is an intelligent hybrid of classical, space and ambient music, causing a “slow response” syndrome when we thoroughly abandon ourselves to its caress. On the other hand, I was reminded of some of Biosphere’s emotional atmospheres, as the long shadows of Headley’s creations wrapped the silence in my room while starting a process of gradual mutation that annihilated every residual nervousness. If you’re after serious transfigurations of classical music without excessive agonies look no further, as this is a finely conceived, accomplished release.


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