GUTPUPPET – Gutpuppet 2


Now here’s something quite atypical for Touching Extremes – but when the standards are so high, even a slide guitar/harmonica duo like this one becomes relevant in my search for talent and ear pleasure. Scot Ray, born as a trombone player, is a real slinger on dobro, banjo, 12-string guitar and gobjen; his slide expressiveness is at one and the same time surgical and full of hearty joy, a true set of firecracks for any guitarist AND acoustic music aficionado in general. Bill Barrett, a chromatic harmonica virtuoso, uses his instrument in a million different ways – trills, distortion, vowel-like utterances, mourning lamentations – with a keen melodic instinct and great mental opening. These guys interact in mysteriously unpredictable manners, spanning their attention over a multitude of interests: acoustic blues, eastern melisma, total improvisation, no-boundary dissonant melody all sound like a drink of water; Gutpuppet really have one for every crowd (and they play much better than Eric Clapton). Warning – don’t use as background music, concentrate while listening.


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